New Home Building Services

Howse Constructions offers a custom home building service with a strong focus on quality and affordability.

A combination of the client and the Howse Constructions team working together for the perfect outcome in appearance and functionality.

Every new home building project and development requires surveys of some sort and Howse Constructions use the best in the business.

Soil testing
A very important part of the house building process, the company that Howse Constructions uses has many years of experience.

Often a very lengthy process and can be very expensive if the wrong surveying company is used Howse Constructions offers a house construction service at very competitive rates.

Full drafting service
A fully comprehensive service from start to finish. We are aligned with experienced local draftsmen for dealing with council planning; our lengthy relationship is extremely important to our business. This has saved time and money for our clients many times.

Landscaping plans & arborist reports
Most councils now require a full landscaping plan and/or arborist reports with types of trees, shrubs, grasses and plantings. Most developments unfortunately require the removal of some trees and that would require an Arborist report for compliance to the local authority. At Howse Constructions we offer a complete service to meet all requirements.

Landscape design
Besides the home the front landscaping is the next component people look at and there is a need for the design to be functional and easy on the eye. With the correct design the landscaping can add plenty of value to your home.

An extremely important part of the build from foundations to lintel's.

Energy reporting
All new homes are now required to have an energy rating report commissioned by a certified energy rater.

Interior design
We work closely with an experienced Interior Designer to create a space that is truly beautiful.

Custom builds
As the trusted name in house building in Melbourne, all Howse Construction homes are customized in one way or another to achieve that perfect home build because nobody is the same. Let's face it this is your home why wouldn't you want a well-designed new home that suits you and your family.

Knock down rebuilds
By now most people realize a knock down rebuild is very cost effective in comparison to extending their existing home. Also a great way of staying in the area you like and with a new build you will achieve a home that suits you and your family.

Your design or ours
Something you would expect from a premier provider of custom built and affordable new home building services, Howse Constructions will work with your plans or we can design one together.

We have several demolition companies that we use and all are experts in their chosen field.

Home extensions

So, it's settled, you want to keep your address and extend. What is the best way to approach siting an extension?

Pre-planning your dream
All major projects begin with planning. How much will the design cost? How much will the build cost? Will you need to move out, and if so, for how long? For most projects building permits will be required. This will all be project managed via our director, Nick.

Howse Constructions can offer advice on all of the above and provide you with some solutions for your extension. We can help you consider what kind of extension you want.

Designing your dream
Once we have all the nuts and bolts sorted out, we will need to meet with a draftsman or architect to get plans properly drawn up. Architects are usually a lot more expensive than draftsman, so take that into account. After this, the creative process can begin.

Be willing to compromise your designs if they are impractical for any reason; the draftsmen will do their best to find a viable solution to meet your wishes, within the practicalities of the site, the climate and the building materials.

Building the dream
Way back in the planning stages you will have had some idea of budget - now it really starts to get serious. Building is subject to all kinds of difficulties, too, so even the best builders can be slowed down by weather, materials shortage, even illness. Just be sure you have allowed for any delays back in the planning stage, especially if you are staying off-site for the duration of the build.

Finishing the dream
When the building is done, it's up to you to make the extension livable, along with the rest of the house. We can organise a meeting with our Interior Design partner to enhance the interiors, (sometimes including the exterior), of your space or building, to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for you.

So relax and enjoy - it's time to make your new, larger house a home. Just don't forget to update your home and contents insurance to reflect the new value of your extended home. It's a perfect time to re-evaluate your policy by comparing home and contents insurance providers and ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck.

When a choice has to be made as to which side of the house is best to extend, the roof line and ground contour is the major structural consideration.

Renovating your home is a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly, so it's important to consider both the pros and cons of renovation.

Reasons to renovate or extend your home include:

  • adding value before selling
  • renewing the look of your home
  • expanding family that needs more space
  • improved quality of living
  • save time and money by renovating rather than relocating
  • adding features such as extra bedrooms, bathrooms, a deck or second living space

Knockdown Rebuild

Knockdown rebuild is when your old home is demolished then we build you a brand new home, larger or smaller to suit your requirements, on the same site.

Knockdown rebuild verses renovation

  • One of the main reasons is the cost.
  • Renovating is very expensive and in most cases far outweighs the cost of a new build.
  • Matching your old home to the renovation is always a challenge, even to the most experienced trades person.
  • Unidentified costs are always an issue.
  • Having to compromise your new design to accommodate your existing old design.
  • Timing is also a possible issue due to the nature of renovation being a lot slower with regards to the making good to old.
  • With a new build the builder starts with a blank canvas and everything is new with no making good to old.

Custom Built Homes

Custom building your home is not a new concept, but a proven way of achieving your perfect home design. By combining your ideas and ours, our draftsman will create a home that suits your every need.

Our director Nick, will sit down with you to discuss your living requirements and budget. Once we understand all the specifics for your project, our specialists will provide affordable suggestions to make sure you stay within your budget while keeping your personal preferences in mind. You can rely on our substantial knowledge in building traditional and modern houses and unparalleled expertise in custom built homes to assist you throughout the process.

We understand that sometimes all you need is a dose of inspiration to bring out the designer in you. Whether you're having some trouble putting the concepts onto paper or you have no clue where to start on your own home design, a meeting with your own personal builder can give some great ideas and a starting point to build from.

Alfresco areas

One of the most sought after needs of every home has to be the entertaining area. Howse Constructions can build decks and alfresco areas for any space. We can work with you to create a premium alfresco area that suits your existing property.

Not only are we committed to working with you to create a unique outdoor area that stands out as one of Melbourne's finest alfresco designs, but we also have the necessary expertise when it comes to liaising with tradespeople to ensure all of the necessary building codes are satisfied, so your dream outdoor area is seamlessly integrated into your home's design totally hassle free.

"Howse Constructions were recommended to us by a friend, and having used them for all our projects since then we can understand why.

Clearly they get the big things right - high quality finishes, working within a budget, and delivering what you ask for. But it’s the little things that make the difference – turning up when they say they will, leaving the site tidy at the end of each day, and ensuring they minimise the disruption to your life.

We had a tight timeframe on our last project, as it needed to be done by Christmas and before the birth of our first child in early January. Nick was able to fit us into his end of year schedule, and complete everything on time, which was one less stress for us.

We highly recommend using Howse Constructions for your next project!"

- Flick and Laurence Mills